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 How to post pictures

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PostSubject: How to post pictures   Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:51 am

Yes, you CAN post pictures here!

This forum website does not allow you to upload your pictures for display here so you must upload your pictures to another website like or your own personal webpage, if you have one.


You must provide a link to your picture in the message that you create here.

Here is an example:

I recently opened a free account at Following the simple instructions, I uploaded a picture of me and Sesame Street's Elmo in my picture album.

When the file was successfully uploaded, it appeared in my album as a thumbnail picture with 4 entries below the thumbnail picture of me and Elmo.

To add the Elmo picture to this post as I am creating it (I clicked on the new Topic button to create a new message or "post"), I opened a new instance of Internet Explorer (or whatever web browser that you are using) so I could view two websites on my desktop.

I opened on the new one. Then I navigate to my Elmo picture and clicked on the bottom entry that has "IMG Code" on the left and a light yellow box on the right with a bunch of jibberish beginning with the characters "[IMG]http://...."

That "jibberish" is the location information inside that points to my picture of Elmo. The jibberish is known in Internet-eze as a link. Every picture file on the internet has one. This particular one is specially formatted to work with forums like the one you are using right now.

I want to copy that stuff in the yellow box to my post here at the forum so, when I am done, everyone will see me and Elmo!

It's real simple: Just move your mouse cursor over the words "IMG Code" (you'll notice that the cursor turn into a hand icon) and left-click your mouse. The yellow box will turn blue indicating that you grabbed the information and stuck inside your PC in a place called the Clipboard.

Now I switch to the other internet explorer window that has the SWHS 1968 Reunion Forum in it.

I put my cursor at the end of the message and left-click so that the writing cursor (it looks like a vertical bar "|") is in the text box where I am writing this message. I press and hold down the Ctrl key then press the v key and voila! the link information that I saved from the web page is now in my message!

To make sure that I did everything right, I clicked on the "preview" button that is just under the "Post a New Topic" text entry window. It is right next to the "Send" button.

If I have done everything right, the screen will flicker and a preview version of my message will appear with a picture of me and Elmo!

If things don't work out the first time, carefully review what you have done and try again. When you are happy with your message, click on the send button.

Practice makes perfect!

If you goof up and want to delete your Oops message feel free to do so. Or I can do it for you if you would like. Just send me a personal message...

Oh darn! Now I have to explain how to do that! Laughing
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How to post pictures
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